Women Should Be Offered Safe Abortion Services: NHS

National Health Service of England expressed the need for providing abortion services to women more consistently. The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) which happens to be the advisory body of NHS had a call last week and spoke of abortion guidance.

The proposal drafted by the officials reads suggestions that women should be provided with an appointment from a professional healthcare provider which should be followed by a termination a week later.

The proposal also adds that the services should accept if the abortion provision is asked on self-referrals basis and they should not be forced to see a GP prior to abortion concern visit to the healthcare provider.

Contrarily, the proposal did not change the need to have permission from at least two doctors for the termination of pregnancy. However, the abortion can be performed by the clinic’s own doctors. Many experts agreed to the point and added that even if the woman chooses to have a medical abortion, she should a prescription from an authorized healthcare provider.

The officials also stated that all such medical services centers should offer women with the options on surgical and medical abortions. If the service centers cannot provide women with the appropriate abortion service, they should at least refer women a safe way of ending the pregnancy and other doctors.

The service centers should also mention the barriers that women may have while ending the pregnancy, especially through the medical abortion method. Most women are not informed that abortion pills are effective on the pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation.

Paul Chrisp, of NICE, said: “Choosing to terminate a pregnancy is an important part of reproductive health for many women, which is why it’s essential that providers are able to offer consistent support and advice.”

The proposals are expected to be out for consultation by the end of May.

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