Be it before or after, checking the pregnancy is crucial in the pregnancy termination procedure. Since there are many ways of checking the pregnancy, most women get confused about which method to go with. 

This blog helps you know which method is suitable for checking the pregnancy during the medical abortion procedure

Pregnancy test before an abortion

Even though there is a list of signs that tell you if you are pregnant, relying on those is never a good idea. Some of the cases in the past have involved using abortion pills in the absence of pregnancy. 

However obvious it may sound, the first thing you should do is to confirm your pregnancy. If you understood the eligibility criteria for using abortion pills, you’ll also learn which method of pregnancy test to be used for the pre-abortion situation. 

Hence, this is what you need to know about the eligibility of medical abortion: 

The woman has to be pregnant with up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation. 

The pregnancy cannot be ectopic.

The user who is going to administer abortion pills should not be allergic to any of the abortion pills.

If you fit into the criteria mentioned above, you can use abortion pills to terminate your unwanted pregnancy

Pregnancy test after abortion

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible for buying abortion pills, the next step is of administering medications. When you undergo the medical pregnancy termination procedure, right from administering the pills, observing the symptoms and recovering from the encountered side effects, it can take around 7-8 days to complete the process. 

You have to check the pregnancy to know if the fetal tissues were properly removed. If the pregnancy is incomplete, the healthcare provider can guide you further about how you can end it successfully. (the incomplete abortion cases are rare and do not involve health complications.) 

Pregnancy test results: 

What is the Over-the-counter (urine) pregnancy test?

  • The over-the-counter pregnancy test is a urine test that is considered affordable in price. 
  • You can take it at home and confirm your pregnancy. 
  • It does not tell if the pregnancy is ectopic. 
  • It may not always show accurate results. 

What is the Ultrasound pregnancy test?

  • The rate of ultrasound pregnancy test is comparatively higher than the normal home pregnancy test. 
  • However, it gives accurate results of pregnancy. 
  • Also, it helps you know where the pregnancy is. With this, the test results can warn of ectopic pregnancy, because in such cases, the pregnancy cannot be terminated medically.

When to check pregnancy?

In the pregnancy termination procedure, every woman has to check her pregnancy twice. One, before the medical abortion procedure. This is to confirm that the pregnancy is in its first trimester and normal. 

The second time is to check if the medical abortion procedure is complete or not. After you have recovered from the side effects of abortion pills, the body comes to normal. You can take the pregnancy test 2-3 days after the side effects or symptoms of abortion stop. 

In nutshell, 

If all factors are taken into consideration, most healthcare providers suggest taking the ultrasound pregnancy test to get accurate results. If taking the ultrasound test becomes expensive for the user, you can take an over-the-counter pregnancy test for abortion confirmation. However, ultrasound is advised for checking if you have conceived and its gestation before deciding to end the pregnancy.