A Real Story of Women Tells you What! ( Sharon G. )

I have always been a one-man-woman in relationships. When I am in a relationship, I am wholeheartedly committed to that person. However, never in my life, so I feel that accepting the pregnancy should become the parameter to confirm my loyalty.

Though I am financially settled in life, I don’t feel the urge to become a mother anytime soon. I mean, I am just 27. But he couldn’t understand my feelings. John, my boyfriend broke up with me when I told him that I don’t want to keep the pregnancy. I didn’t know what to do with an unwanted pregnancy, a broken heart, and business challenges to be faced. All alone. 

So I finally decided to consult my personal healthcare provider. He suggested a surgical termination of pregnancy since that’s a one-day job. I agreed. I wanted to get rid of the pregnancy as soon as possible. 

Only when I went to the clinic, I was asked numerous unnecessary questions; I realized that getting a surgical abortion done in my region is comfortable but humiliating. So I left that place the moment next. 

I was still confused, not understanding what needed to be done; and I started searching online. That’s when I came across the website. The customer care person helped know the possible alternate options for surgical termination of pregnancy. 

From knowing nothing about the concept of medical abortion to knowing how to buy abortion pills, consume them at home, and end the pregnancy successfully. What I liked about this website was that they did not hide anything from me. Not even the side effects. In fact, they helped me know how to deal with the side effects of abortion pills. 

Also, I understood the need for the best abortion pills as an unwanted pregnancy solution. So without second thoughts in mind, I bought online abortion pills from the same website. Though I was alone in my nervous breakdown situation, speaking to their team gave me confidence. 

After I bought abortion pills, I followed the instructions which were given to me at the start of the medical pregnancy termination procedure. Mifeprex and Misoprostol were the two medications that I bought while ending the pregnancy. 

As told, nothing happened after the consumption of Mifeprex. It was when I took Misoprostol, my cramps and bleeding started. I was feeling a bit lonely but not scared. I spoke to my healthcare provider and took some painkillers to calm down the cramps. 

It all came to normal after around 4-5 days of bleeding. The feeling of ending an unwanted pregnancy alone was quite different. I thought I should give my relationship a last try and so I spoke to my boyfriend. 

His behavior was so rude and different that I felt glad for the break up that happened. Be it any reason; I don’t give the choice to make decisions about my own body. I was not ready for the baby, and early-stage abortion was the best decision I could take as a solution. I want to help women know not to be afraid of an unwanted pregnancy. If you can’t find the answer, talk to the right person. It helps!