What is medical abortion?

There are basically 2 main types of abortion; i.e Surgical abortion and Medical abortion. Medical abortion involves the termination of undesired pregnancy with the best abortion pills named Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These medicines terminate the pregnancy with ease without involving any surgery. However, in case of surgical abortion, you have to visit the medical center and with the help of anesthesia, your pregnancy is removed by performing a surgery.

Note: You need to understand one important difference between the abortion pills and the morning-after pill. The morning-after pill is used to prevent pregnancy whereas abortion pills are used to terminate an ongoing pregnancy.

So if you are choosing for medical abortion over surgical abortion then you need to follow and meet some important guidelines which are explained below in detail.

Understand whether you are eligible for medical abortion:

Women who are under 9 weeks into their gestation (pregnancy) are eligible to buy abortion pills online. After 9 weeks, women who wish to end their pregnancy are recommended to go for surgical abortion as a secure unwanted pregnancy solution as after completion of 9 weeks of gestation there are chances that abortion pills may fail to complete the procedure. 

Women who cannot take abortion pills due to a medical condition includes;

  • who have a mass on their ovaries or women with an ectopic pregnancy
  •  who are on corticosteroids for long-term 
  • with a specific genetic disease
  • who want to complete the procedure within one day or if they take certain medicines which can interact with the abortion pills
  • women who do not understand the procedure or how to take the medicines
  • who have kidney, liver or heart problems
  • women who do not have access or reach emergency medical facilities and treatment
  • who persist molar pregnancy- (pregnancy in which the placenta grows abnormally)
  • are have installed an intrauterine device (you can take the abortion pills if you remove the IUD device)
  • who have serious adrenal gland issue
  • with bleeding problems or those who consume anti-clotting medications

What is the working structure of the abortion pill?

When you are consuming both the medicines it will work accordingly to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. First Mifepristone 200 mg is consumed. Mifepristone 200 mg works by blocking the progesterone hormone which is important for the pregnancy to grow. After 1-2 days you have to consume Misoprostol pill 800 mcg which causes uterine contractions and this leads to vaginal bleeding.

What are the Pros and cons of medical abortion?

Once women decide to have an abortion, they need to choose between surgical abortion and medical abortion with abortion pills.

Following are the pros of medical abortion which comprise of;

  • Medical abortion can be done immediately as early as a woman finds out that she is pregnant
  • There is no need for anesthesia
  • It’s less costly as compared to surgical abortion
  • It’s less invasive than surgical abortion
  • Women feel that it’s natural and similar to a miscarriage
  • Medical abortion does not have the same danger of uterine perforation

Following are the cons of medical abortion which comprise of;

  • Sometimes medical abortion is not 100 % efficient, and if the medical abortion fails then the women may need to undergo a surgical abortion.
  • Cramping and bleeding may last for a longer period in medical abortion as compared to surgical abortion.
  • Medical abortion requires more than 1 visit to the practitioner’s office.
  • Medical abortion cannot end an ectopic or tubal pregnancy.

Your medical practitioner will guide you about the safest method depending upon your pregnancy.