Medical abortion is often seen linked with mental health problems by some groups of society. To understand this matter in a better way, the team of Bestabortionpillsrx decided to interact with at least a hundred women who have had an abortion recently.

In the whole process, we realized that not every woman who undergoes a medical pregnancy termination procedure faces mental health problems. 

Though medical abortion is a huge decision for the women and she feels the mental and emotional pressure during the process, most of them feel relieved to come out of unwanted pregnancy situation. To explain it better, here’s a small interview of a woman who went through an abortion 3 years ago. She explains her experience and feeling before, during and after the medical abortion process. 

Here’s what she had to say! 

Q: why was the pregnancy unwanted?

It wasn’t even a week after I was promoted to senior managerial level. The new project and position was a big responsibility for me. That’s when I got to know about my pregnancy. I have always been a career-driven woman. Needless to say, unwanted pregnancy panicked me.

Q: Why did you take the decision of medical abortion? 

I personally never believed in terminating a pregnancy. Somehow I wondered why women have unprotected sex and then end the pregnancy. In my case, the condom that we used didn’t work and that’s how I conceived. 

Seeing the scenarios around me, continuing the pregnancy would have become injustice to my baby since I wouldn’t have had time for its proper nourishment, upbringing, and everything. In such a case, abortion was the best solution I could see. Also, since I was only 5 weeks pregnant, abortion pills were the easiest solution for me. 

Q: Did you consider speaking to someone before this decision? 

Yes. The moment I got to know about my pregnancy, I first decided to think over this with my husband. When I shared my opinion and feelings, he immediately knew what I wanted and what needed to be done. Opinions of others didn’t matter to me. My husband was with me. That’s like the world for me. 

Q: Was there anyone to help you in this situation? 

Apart from my husband? No! Only two were going through this problem. Thankfully, I bought abortion pills online

Q: Where did you get abortion pills from? 

I wanted the best abortion pills which will suit my body and end my pregnancy with minimal effects. 

Q: How did you undergo the medical abortion procedure? 

I bought one pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol pills to terminate the pregnancy. I consumed both pills as instructed by my personal healthcare provider. 

Q: what was going on your mind during all this situation? 

All I wanted was to get rid of the pregnancy. But people who knew about my abortion had their opinions which differed from mine. I never had a problem with that until they decided to put hurdles in my abortion process. That did give me stress. Meanwhile all this, my husband was trying his best to keep me calm and stress-free. 

My husband gave me the needed confidence which made me feel a strong, independent thinking woman who was not afraid of what people thought of her.