Operating as an OB/GYN advisor for a couple of decades, it has been a good experience to meet all kinds of women from distinct walks of life, for whom their pregnancies express a lot.

I have observed planned pregnancies, which went absolutely according to the plan, and unplanned pregnancies solution that has been a huge game-changer. I have seen planned pregnancies, that unfortunately didn’t go as expected.

Also, these days due to contraception and careers, women are willing to wait and take their time to bring the little one into their life to fulfill other aspects of their lives.

Although, unplanned pregnancies can befall anytime so it is better to be equipped to handle this situation psychologically with the hope that will enable you to make the most suitable decision for the rest of your life.

Admit that you are in a dilemma:

If you have now realized that you are pregnant, and you had not planned it then you need to accept that you are in dilemma, with feelings fluctuating from being delirious and thrilled to being confused and negative. This is a period where you should accept your emotions.

Be realistic about your own feelings:

Allow yourself to understand the rollercoaster of emotions, acquiring them to come and go as they will. Be enlightened about the feelings that set off the actual physical reactions in you, give special observation to those ones. Write down the feeling in a piece of paper and after a few days, you can go through it and understand the change in yourself.

Try to face your fears: Even women who have planned pregnancies have fear in terms of money, health, relationship, etc. and on the other side a woman who has an unplanned pregnancy have other fears regarding abortion, relationship, health, etc. thus it is advised that we can’t manage all the aspects of our lives but you should have that gut to face and overpower your fears.

Be accurate  regarding your own family background: 

If you had a blissful childhood, it can be easier for you to welcome the surprise into your life. However if psychologically if you did not have a blissful childhood then you may be disoriented in taking the decision. So it is important to first understand your own family background before you take any step.

Seek medical expert’s help:

If you feel that you are not satisfied with your opinion then you can seek the help of a medical expert, being a neutral person he/she can guide you with a proper non-judgemental suggestion.


So in case, if you observe that you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy so it is totally women’s right and choice about keeping the pregnancy or aborting the pregnancy. Women are free to choose whatever option they find it perfect for themselves. So if they plan to keep the unplanned pregnancy then it’s a wonderful feeling to live and experience the joy of motherhood. On the other hand, if any woman is not ready for accepting the pregnancy then she can opt for medical abortion if the pregnancy period is within 9 weeks. Medical abortion is based on the pregnancy period as well as women’s health. If your medicinal practitioner finds you fit for abortion then he may suggest you buy abortion pills online. 

You can do some research on the internet and find out the genuine and best abortion pills to terminate the unplanned pregnancy.