What you must know before you buy Cytotec online?

Cytotec abortion pill is typically sold online in 800 mcg, Four tablets of 200 mcg each are suggested for terminating early-stage pregnancy. It works better if it is taken in combination with Anti-progesterone named Mifepristone. However, women with IUD (intrauterine device) installed should not buy Cytotec pills for abortion as they are not eligible for medical abortion, or else they should remove it before using the abortion pills.

What is the working structure of Cytotec medicine?

Cytotec medicine works by reducing the uterus and releasing the dead embryo to discharge out with the help of vaginal bleeding. So after administering the Cytotec medicine, you may undergo heavy vaginal bleeding which is much more severe than normal bleeding. So for experiencing medical termination without involving any kind of surgery, you can buy Cytotec 200 mg online.

What is the consumption pattern of the abortion pill?

To terminate a pregnancy until 9 weeks of gestation period the abortion pills should be consumed as follows:

1st you have to swallow the pill named Mifepristone 200 mg

Then after having a break of 24 to 48 hours you have to take the second pill which is Cytotec this pill comes in 800 mcg which has to be absorbed by keeping it underneath your tongue or cheek pouches for about 30 minutes.

You can also take this pill vaginally (i.e by inserting it into the vagina). After you have consumed the Cytotec pill you may experience contractions and then you may notice vaginal bleeding or spots.

This will ensure that your medical abortion has begun. However, if you do not observe any vaginal bleeding or spotting within 24 hours then you might need to visit your medical expert promptly.

In what cases the Cytotec abortion pill is not recommended to use?

Consumption of the abortion pill is not recommended to the patients who have the following problems;

  • Installed IUD (Intrauterine device)
  • Allergic to Mifepristone or Cytotec
  • Migraine issues
  • Uncontrollable asthma 
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Inherited porphyria
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Chronic Adrenal failure

Above mentioned symptoms is not a complete list of contraindications, however in case if you notice any other issues you can speak to your health care advisor as he can guide you with proper suggestion and other problems. See that before you buy Cytotec online you have adequate access to the medical facilities as in some cases such as blood transfusions, incomplete abortion, and emergency resuscitation you may require emergency treatment.

What are some important precautions while taking the Cytotec Pill?

Some important precautions of abortion pill are listed below;

Avoid taking overdose: Do not take an overdose of this medicine as it may result in toxicity.

Concomitant drug: prevent from taking the abortion pill if you are on long term toxicity.

Smoking Habits: Avoid smoking while taking abortion pills

Drinking Habits: Also, avoid drinking alcohol while you are taking abortion pills as it can counter at the procedure and might lead to severe complications.

What are some important points you need to consider before you buy Cytotec pills?

In case if you notice less bleeding then anticipated so you can repeat the dose of  Cytotec 3 hours after the first dosage. You have to take 2 pills and keep it beneath your tongue for 30 minutes after completion of 30 minutes you can drink a glass of water and gulp the remaining content of the medicine.

Thus, there are a few important things that you should keep in mind while you choose medical abortion if you are planning to terminate your pregnancy in a safe and efficient manner.