Being a woman, you are often busy taking care of your family, work, children, home, and everything else. Because of this women mostly ignore their health and forget to take care of their own needs. But it is said that when it comes to your health it is important to keep yourself first. So it is recommended to act quickly if you notice any of the following symptoms also, it is essential to know when these changes occur and are it normal or not.

Following are some important warnings a woman should not neglect.

1- Shortness of Breath

Heart condition is the foremost cause of death in women. But we frequently dismiss symptoms, wondering that they will just fade away. In addition to shortness of breath, you may also observe heart attack symptoms such as back or jaw pain, cold sweats, nausea, chest pain or pressure, etc.

2- Painful or excessive period

When it comes to your period, you must understand what is normal for you. If you observe painful cramps or periods with excessive bleeding then its time to consult a medical practitioner. These signs can be due to problems like uterine fibroids, hormonal changes, etc.

3- Bloating

In the case of Ovarian cancer, the signs and symptoms can be unspecified and the first sign of bloating follows the other conditions such as IBS and PMS. so it is recommended that if you feel like bloating for more than a week then you must immediately consult a medical practitioner. 

4- Unusual Abnormal Discharge

Normal vaginal discharge is common. Your vagina should be moist and it safeguards it naturally with the help of normal vaginal discharge. Your normal discharge should be clear white in color and should not be smelly. Its bulkiness may vary depending on the period of your cycle. However, if it changes in terms of color or becomes malodorous then it can indicate a sing of severe problem.

5-Changes in the skin

Sometimes you may notice a freckle or mole on your skin and it may change its color, shape or size within some days. It can also cause itching, redness, irritation, etc so it is recommended to get it checked right away. Skin changes like these can result in a deadly form of skin cancer. So it is important to do a skin test just like you do your regular check-up or breast exams.

6- Nipple Discharge

It is necessary to pay attention to your breast. Apart from checking for lumps or changes in the size or shape of the breast, you should also check your nipple discharge, especially if it is clear or bloody discharge it can be a symptom of breast cancer. If you observe any such symptom immediately get it consulted from your medical expert.

7- Listen to Your Instinct

If you experience any sign or feel anything that is not right, then listen to your inner voice. It is said that your body can sense if something is wrong. So seeking medical care can help you to solve the issue.